Your Thoughts Matter Book

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Your Thoughts Matter

This book has 25 Reflections and Affirmations designed to empower and inspire you to create the life you would love to live, You are the creator of your own life and it all starts with your thoughts.

The book includes information on what science, in particular, quantum physics, tells us about the importance of thought.

You are part of an interconnected universe of energy that links you to everyone and everything - a universe where thought is the basis of creation. You change possibilities into reality by drawing to you the manifestation of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.

Your thoughts affect your health, wellbeing and create the future. Who you are today is a product of your past thoughts and actions. What you are thinking and feeling today creates your future.

All possibilities are open to you. The thoughts and choices are yours. Realise how powerful you are.

The Reflections in the Book

1 Your Future is Created Now

2 Origins

3 The Source of Your Creative Power

4 Who Are You?

5 You Are a Creator

6 Trust Your Intuition

7 Imagination

8 Freedom to Choose

9 Your Attitude Matters

10 Conscious Choice

11 Dare to Be Yourself

12 Embrace Your Feelings


13 Understand Your Fears

14 Recognise the Ties That Bind

15 Being

16 Gratitude

17 Choose Happiness

18 Purpose

19 Mirrors

20 Show the Way

21 Love

22 You Have the Power

23 You Make a Difference

24 Our World

25 Infinity