The mission for The Thought Connection is to help empower people to realise their potential for health and happiness and overall wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

The aim is to work with people from a holistic perspective, looking at the connection between the mind, body and spirit, to assist people with the management of pain and stress, to help them improve their overall health, wellbeing and happiness and to achieve their goals.

One on one consultations with clients are tailored to the individual and may include a combination of counselling, mind body medicine, flower essence therapy, acu-point pressure treatment, reiki and mindfulness based approaches. Other services include workshops on mindfulness, personal development and meditation.


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About Antoinette
Antoinette is an Author, Mind Body Medicine practitioner, Holistic Counsellor, Energy Healer and Mindfulness Coach. Antoinette is also a qualified secondary school teacher, working as a teacher for several years before starting a corporate career.

Antoinette is now following her passion and working in energy healing. She offers one on one client consultations as well as facilitating personal development workshops and courses.

She is dedicated to helping people to understand the connection between the mind, body and spirit and to help people achieve happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives. Her mission is also to further people’s understanding of the connection we all have with the world we live in so that as many people as possible aim to heal our Earth and everything in it.

Antoinette's first book is Your Thoughts Matter: The Future You are Creating Starts Now. This book is a series of Reflections and Affirmations on the power of conscious choice. It is designed to empower and inspire the reader to create the life they would like to live.  A journal, Affirmation Cards and a children’s book on the same theme will follow.